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Natural Circulation Enhancer

The Circulation Pro is a new and improved circulation device, designed to help improve lower leg circulation, reduce swelling, relieve pain and give you additional mobility. This device provides natural drug-free relief to help reduce swollen feet and ankles, tired aching legs and other painful circulation related conditions.

Circulation Pro is incredibly easy to use. Simply get into a comfortable seating position on a chair or sofa, place your feet on the foot plates, select the level of intensity using your wireless controller and off you go, it's that simple.

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Clinically Proven Therapy

Circulation Pro has been through a robust testing programme and has been clinically assessed to ensure it meets the highest standards for the award of Class 2a medical device. In clinical trials of patients who were seated for 4 hours or more showed that the Circulation Pro treatment significantly increased venous blood flow in the lower legs and feet, using the mild electrical stimulation of the plantar foot muscles and the calf muscles.

This type of electrical stimulation is clinically proven to be safe and effective and can be carried out in the comfort of your own home. A relaxing 30 minute home treatment three to four times a week, is all you need.

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Customer Reviews

"I have poor circulation and suffer with stiff joints and aching legs. After just a few treatments I noticed a difference. I am thoroughly delighted".Mr R B, Leicestershire.

"I find the mild tingling sensation very relaxing, it seems to stimulate my circulation which helps me greatly as I used to suffer terribly with cold feet and toes. Thanks to Circulation Pro they're know as warm as toast!".Mrs G H, South Devon.

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