Medical Opinions

The new Circulation Pro has been clinically assessed to ensure it meets the stringent requirements for the award of a Medical Device Certificate, Class IIa.

Working on the principle of mild electrical stimulation of the plantar foot muscles and the calf muscles, the Circulation Pro’s therapy has shown in clinical trials to significantly increase venous blood flow in the lower legs and feet for patients seated for 4 hours.

Each gentle electrical impulse causes the foot muscles and calf muscles to contract, this contraction compresses the plantar plexus veins, and thereby increases venous velocity that is transmitted proximally up the leg veins, increasing circulation in the legs and feet.

medical_doctor1“The better your circulation, the better the flow of antioxidants to all cells that need protection. Plus good circulation helps with the repair and maintenance of every part of your body: your brain, eyes, liver, kidneys, muscles – even your reproductive organs. Lastly, efficient circulation removes toxins and waste from your cells, keeping your body clean from the inside, out. In other words, the better your circulation, the better every part of your body will work”. 
Mr Sinatra





The scans below show the legs of two patients, before and after treatment with electrical stimulation.


Purple and blue on the scans represent colder areas. The warmer the colour shown, the better the blood flow to that area.

This before picture shows a patient with very poor blood flow around the knees, which is replaced by increased blood after electrical stimulation.

The before picture here shows a patient with very poor blood flow to the feet, resulting in them being very cold. The electrical stimulation has improved circulation drastically to give the patient much healthier, warmer feet.