Boost your circulation with Circulation Pro

The Circulation Pro is a new and improved device with proven technology designed to improve lower leg circulation, reduce swelling, relieve pain and give you additional mobility. It is recommended for the drug-free relief of poor circulation, swollen feet and ankles, tired aching legs and many painful conditions.

This proven medical device delivers soothing and stimulating controlled impulses through the feet and lower legs. These electrical impulses provide prolonged and often instant relief from many painful conditions associated with poor circulation. This also assists in long term improvement as the muscles become retrained to function properly again and improve circulation.

How it works

The Circulation Pro increases your circulation in a totally natural and safe way Poor circulation can have detrimental effects on our health, even in the healthiest of people and especially for those sitting for long periods of time, day in day out.

If you suffer with poor circulation, caused by Lymphoedema, narrowing of the leg veins, restless leg syndrome, Raynaud’s syndrome or you have tired aching legs, joint pain or have mobility problems, the Circulation Pro may be just the device for you.

Circulation Pro is so easy to use, just get yourself in a comfortable position on a chair or sofa, place your feet on the foot plates, which can be moved to find the optimum position for you and switch it on, it’s that simple! 30 minutes later you can start to feel the benefits from the soothing EMS impulses that come through the foot plates.

Improves lower leg circulation by increasing the blood flow for immediate relief:

• Reduce swollen feet and ankles

• Soothe tired and aching legs

• Ease stiff joints

• Relief for aching muscles

• Healthier, warmer feet

• Improved mobility

How does the Circulation Pro improve YOUR circulation?

The Circulation Pro uses proven neuromuscular electrical stimulation therapy to send micro current pulses through the soles of your feet. This type of electrical stimulation is clinically proven to be safe and effective and can be carried out in the comfort of your own home.

The Circulation Pro has mild electrical muscle stimulation which gets to work straight away on your feet and lower legs. The Circulation Pro immediately starts to stimulate the nerve endings, increasing the flow of blood helping to reduce pain. The electrical currents also stimulate the painful tissue and activate the body’s natural healing process. These healing micro currents pass through the inflamed and injured cells allowing tense muscles to relax, stiff joints to flex freely again and swelling to be reduced.

A relaxing and comfortable 30 minute home treatment is all you need. Just switch on, sit back and enjoy the stimulating relief of the Circulation Pro as it gets to work. For an extra soothing boost, gel pads can be applied to any part of the body and the TENS function can be used simultaneously to relieve pain.

Unique Calf Pump Technology

The additional manual rocking motion ‘pumps’ the calf muscles generating extra stimulation, increasing the circulation boosting effect of the Circulation Pro.