“Good health requires, above all else, strong and steady blood flow through clear blood vessels. Healthy blood circulation delivers fresh nutrients to your cells and prevents accumulation of waste materials within your cells. Both of these actions are equally necessary for health cells.” Dr. B. Kim.

“After using the Circulation Pro I haven’t felt this good for years! A must for people over a certain age.” Mr F. Tansley

DVT Prevention

“It was worth every penny. To be able to power it by batteries when away from home, even when taking a break during very long journeys is a real bonus and must lessen the risk of DVT. Simply wonderful.” Elizabeth, Merseyside

Cold feet and toes

“I find the mild tingling sensation very relaxing, it seems to stimulate my circulation which helps me greatly as I used to suffer terribly with cold feet and toes. Thanks to Circulation Pro they’re now as warm as toast!” Mrs G H, South Devon

Relief from poor circulation

“I have poor circulation and suffer with stiff joints and aching legs. After just a few treatments I noticed a difference. I am thoroughly delighted’: Mr R. B, Leicstershire

“WOW! I used it the same day I received it and feel absolutely great already. A great product” Edward, Whitechapel

“I’m diabetic and conscious of circulation in my legs. This really takes the pain away instantly. Fantastic!” Henry, Edinburgh

“The Circulation Pro helps tremendously with aches and pains, particularly in my hands and feet. I find the treatment benefits me greatly” Mrs M. B. Worcester